London's 5 prettiest doors

London's 5 prettiest doors

When you first visit London, one of the first things that immediately catches your eyes is the variety of wonderful buildings spread all around the city. You will find something for every taste, from the elegant and modern The Shard to the majestic Tower of London; you won’t be disappointed. But yes, the real magic happens when you explore the secret streets, far away from tourist attractions, where you can find true hidden gems, colourful houses, pink entrances and undiscovered treasures. But, first of all, what is a pretty house without a great door? Today, just for you, some of the craziest, prettiest and unbelievable London doors will be revealed!

1.The yellow sunshine door (Notting Hill)


Photo by: @yaroslava_kirichok

Let’s start with this cute yellow door that somehow reminds us of summer and those little old-fashioned ice cream parlours. Let us think that the inside is full of ice cream too 😉 Anyway, you can find this ray of sunshine in Notting Hill, the whole area is home to the cutest houses in all of London and so it’s definitely worth a visit.

2. The LOVE door (Chelsea)

Snip20160308_8Photo by: @crazycatladyldn

The instafamous “LOVE door” is really loved by everyone and it is a MUST for every instagrammer worthy of this name. We can picture the queue forming nearby just to grab a pic 😉 The exciting news is that the owners of the house are very creative, so for every different holiday they put on a little show. Go and check out the Halloween theme, it is literally to die for!

3. The pink twins (Columbia Road)


Photo by: @smarafrunza

We couldn’t but mention these lovely twins in Columbia Road, just near the flower market. Is it too much to think that the owners are two lovely friends too?

4. The Christmas door (Hampstead)Snip20160308_7

Photo by: @dr_difilippo

Yes, we are all looking forward to summer and Christmas is long gone, but it would be a real shame not to mention this lovely one. If you are around Hampstead during Christmas time have a look at the doors, the decorations are so lovely and everything becomes so beautiful!

5.The door with the eyes (Notting Hill)


Photo by: @a_ontheroad

Let’s finish off with this; possibly the funniest door of all, don’t you think? But the real question is: what makes a person to put a pair of funny looking eyes on his door? Whatever your answer is the result is pretty amazing and we love it!

Have you spotted any extravagant doors in London? Which ones do you consider to be the prettiest?

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