Amsterdam through the eyes of @windmilldreams

Amsterdam through the eyes of @windmilldreams

In this interview we meet Agata, who will be giving us some tips on the best activities, attractions and things to do in Amsterdam!


  1. Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello lovely readers! My name is Agata, born and raised in beautiful South West part of Poland called Lower Silesia. I grew up in a little town, however I’ve always been drawn to various big cities around the world. I moved to Amsterdam almost 10 years ago, and before that I lived in London as well as Modena (Italy). Whenever I’m not wandering around my beautiful city with a camera in my hand I work as e-commerce specialist for an international computer company.

  1. What are the must things to do in Amsterdam?

It really depends on what you love doing while you’re on a city break. A “must-do” thing for me might not necessarily be a “must-do” for you, but let me make a few suggestions here. Book a boat trip around the city canals and see Amsterdam from the waterside. Visit Van Gogh museum and Rijskmuseum to see the Dutch masters classics – it’s really worth it! Rent a bike and cycle through the famous Vondelpark. Finally, put down the map and simply get lost in the city admiring its amazing architecture – the crooked gingerbread houses alongside the city canals.

  1. What is the best way to move around in Amsterdam?

I personally love walking around the city, but renting a bike is also a great option. Amsterdam is not that big and all the interesting places are mostly located within a short distance from the city centre anyway. Mind you, if you do decide to rent a bike, try to read about the local cycling etiquette first 😉 Should you want to go a bit further outside the city centre – public transport like trams and metro are a great option too.


  1. What is the best season to visit Amsterdam and why?

The city is beautiful in every season to be honest but if I had to choose, I would say late spring/summer time are the best. There are a lot of events (concerts, open-air theatres, festivals) happening around the city and its parks, plus you can enjoy a delicious lunch sitting right alongside one of the city canals overlooking the stunning Amsterdam houses…what’s not to love about that?!

  1. What restaurants would you recommend?

That’s a tricky question as there are so many 🙂 If I could eat out for a full day I would start with a breakfast at Bakers & Roasters, have lunch at Metropolitain and end my day with dinner at Restaurant C. In between I would grab something sweet in My Little Patisserie or one of the Petit Gâteau patisseries as well as have a cup coffee at Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters or Bocca Coffee. Ahhh…the possibilities are endless!

  1. Where do you like going out on a weekend?

I’m not really a going out (night owl) type of person so let me share with you some of my other weekend routines. On Saturdays I love going to the area called “De Pijp”. There’s a street market called Albert Cuyp where you can buy (amongst many other things) some beautiful fresh flowers. The area itself has a cool-hipster vibe and is filled with some amazing lunch and coffee places (i.e. Scandinavian Embassy, CT coffee & coconuts, Bakers & Roasters). I also love a street market called Noordermarkt and the beautiful Jordaan neighbourhood where you can find some unique boutiques. On Sundays I love going for a walk to the Amsterdamse Bos, which is a vast landscape park outside Amsterdam city centre (it’s three times the size of New York’s Central Park!) and definitely worth going to if you want to escape the city rush for a bit. Nevertheless, if you want to go for a fun night out – Sky Bar has some tasty cocktails with spectacular views of the city.


  1. If you could choose to have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it in Amsterdam?

I believe the best superpower I could use in Amsterdam would be to be able to fly! I would love to be able to see the city from bird’s view whenever I wanted to but also it would come in handy when you’re stuck in everyday rush hour traffic!

  1. Are there any hidden gems you know about that you would like to share?

My recent discovery is an amazing early twentieth century movie theatre with Art Deco interior called The Movies. You can grab a glass of wine in the bar inside the theatre and watch some fantastic niche movies in a unique atmosphere. Before or after film show – a must stop at De Pizzabakkers further down the road to satisfy those belly cravings. But shhhh….do not tell anyone I’ve a told you about those hidden gems!

  1. If you could change 3 things about Amsterdam, what would they be?

Definitely house prices would be my number one. Whether it is to buy or to rent – property prices in Amsterdam have sky rocketed recently! Also I would make more areas of Amsterdam car-free and finally, I’d lower the ridiculously high car parking fees around the city.

  1. Other than Amsterdam, is there any other city in the world you think is a must? Why?

Definitely New York and San Francisco. If you’re a foodie (like me) both will take your breath away (and make your tummy rumble!). If you’re not – then I am sure you will still enjoy the sights and architecture in both of the cities.

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  1. Can you also suggest an accomodation for a weekend in the city?

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