Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill

As we are totally in love with coloured houses and beautiful views, today we decided to visit Primrose Hill, a 78 metre hill located on the northern side of Regent’s Park.

The best way to arrive to Primrose Hill is getting the Northen Line to Chalk Farm underground station. Once arrived, we found ourselves at Gloucester Avenue and spotted some beautiful coloured houses with a lovely blossomed magnolia tree. We couldn’t resist, and like any good Insagramer we went straight to take some pictures!


After that we started looking for hidden streets, as we all know that there is where all the pastel houses are hidden! And that is exactly what we found.


As you can imagine, we were really enthusiastic about our discovery. Little we knew that the best had still to come! Our next stop was the Instafamous Chalcot Square, a beautiful little square surrounded by wonderful coloured houses. We spent almost an hour walking around these houses, green with envy towards the lucky owners and their families!


At some point, when we convinced ourselves that no one was going to invite us in for coffee, we decided that we would head for the hill. Getting there is pretty straightforward, as it is a hill and you can actually see it! Getting to the top is quite challenging, as we are not used to stiff climbs in London, but it was definitely rewarding.


We would have preferred a lovely pink sunset, but we can’t really complain! The view was astonishing, and only when it started raining we were forced to head off home.

Our view

Primrose Hill is definitely one of those places in London you want to visit at some point. It is a great area for a Sunday afternoon walk and if you are passionate about photography you will find some great views and some lovely pastel houses. Try to pick a nice sunny day in order to capture the sunset (we know, that will be challenging) and don’t forget to bring your dog with you as there is plenty of space for his/her to play. All in all we spent a really pleasant day, and it is definitely an area that we would advise!