Meet Olga - A world citizen in London!

Meet Olga - A world citizen in London!

In this interview we meet Olga, a world citizen and one of the most talented instagramers we know. Read more to be inspired by her beautiful pictures!

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1. Tell us a bit about yourself  

I’m Olga. It’s hard to say where I’m originally from, so I usually describe myself as world citizen, as cliche as it might sound. I’m Russian, Polish, Georgian born in Germany and I have grown up in seven countries. London has been my home for the last nine years, which is the longest time compared to all other places that I have lived in.

2. Where do you live in London and what do you like/dislike about that area?

I just moved to east London, after nine years spent in west part of the city. It actually feels like I live in a completely different city now. East London has a very unique vibe, which is hard to compare to any other areas. So far I love it here. But I have to admit, I am missing the convenience of having Hyde Park and Regrets Park walking distance from my home.

pretty little london

3. If you could choose one place in London to live in, what would it be?

Ah, that’s the hard one. There are so many beautiful areas in London and all of them have something unique and charming. At the moment, I really like the area that I just moved to, which is just few minutes walk to Columbia Road Flower Market and Bricklane. It’s very busy during weekends, but during weekdays it’s very calm and cosy. Here you can find best coffee shops, plenty of antique stores and really good farmers’ markets.

4. What restaurants would you recommend?

I really like Clifton Nurseries in Little Venice. The restaurant reminds me of an enchanted garden. It’s a perfect place to go in warm summer days. Another one is Dishoom in Kings Cross. The food is delicious and the interior design is spectacular.

pretty little london

5. Where do you like going out on a weekend?

Most of the weekends I’m usually travelling, but if I’m in London, everything depends on the weather. If the weather is good, I’d probably spend most of the time with friends outdoors, somewhere within the London parks. If the weather is not great, you’d most probably find me in galleries or coffee shops.

6. If you could choose to have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it in London?

Read people’s minds. London tube rides would suddenly be a very fascinating thing to experience.

7. Are there any hidden gems you know about that you would like to share?

It will probably be Mayfield Lavender Farm, which is not that hidden gem anymore, I guess. I discovered it last year and I couldn’t believe that just one hour away from London you can find yourself in never-ending lavender fields. A truly beautiful place.

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8. If you could change 3 things about London, what would they be?

Create more cycle lanes, especially in central London. Lower rent prices and transport fares. I guess majority of Londoners will agree with me on the last point.

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9. Other than London, is there any other city in the world you think is a must? Why?

I love Lisbon. I always say, if I didn’t live in London, I’d definitely be living in Lisbon. The city is spectacular and it’s very close to nature and the ocean. Sydney is another city I’m in love with. It has London vibes, but at the same time it’s all about great weather, nature and outdoors. I haven’t been to New York yet, but I have a feeling I might fall in love with the city as much as I’m in love with London. Need to check it. Hopefully next year.

pretty little london

  1. Loved the interview. Colombia Road Flower Market and lavender fields. They definitely used to be a hidden gem but it’s getting popular and I’m hoping to go this year. Never heard of Clifton nursery before. Looks like a cool place.

    Lisbon is ny favourite too, been once but would love to visit again

  2. I absolutely live the interview. Olga is so inspirational. I’ve never been to London but it feels like I already know at least small part of it 🙂

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