Heathrow Personal Shopper

Heathrow Personal Shopper

We all know that many of people love to shop at airports, partly because you can often get some amazing deals and partly to fill in the time while waiting for your plane.

What is often hard though is to find exactly what you are looking for, which means you end up buying clothing items just for the sake of it. That is why – for our trip to the Maldives – we decided to rely on Heathrow Airport’s personal shopper.

How it works

After having booked your appointment,  your personal shopper will contact you to discuss what you are looking for, your budget and the time you have available. They will arrange where to meet you after security and you will have their contact details, in case you are delayed.
Based on your consultation, your personal shopper will have prepared a shopping plan to make the most of your time. Your appointment will be in your own private lounge, while the Personal Shopper team assist you with styling and selecting your choices.
Our experience
As it was our first experience in an exotic place such as the Maldives, we were finding it quite hard to decide what kind of clothing to wear. Shoes or sandals? Shorts or trousers? That is where our Personal Shopper really helped us out.
Once we went through security, we were escorted to our personal lounge where a number of items from different brands were spread.
Many of the items that we saw were not things that we would usually buy, but the most surprising thing was to see how good they actually looked on us. Also, it was really fun creating combinations of different brands to see how things matched together, something you can’t really do as usually every item is in a different shop.
The last touch – once we had chosen our clothes – was a nice pair of Raybans from Sunglass Hut. How could we go to Maldives without a pair of cool sunglasses?
Here we are, ready to go!
This is an experience that we highly recommend if you have a 3 hour wait or more at the airport, as it is complimentary when spending more than £250 and it really opens your eyes to different looks that you would have never have thought of and that are perfect for your destination!
  1. Interesting experience. I have never thought about using help of a personal shopper when buying clothes for myself. But you never know… Maybe one day I decide to explore this new shopping as well:)

  2. I haven’t try this kind of help but it will definitely be fun since you get to see different combination of clothes and see if they fit you and your personality and it can be a lot of fun if you do it before a girls trip as well!

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